SNIMS 2016

by Lorcan McGrogan

This year the annual Scottish and northern Irish Medics sports tournament (SNIMS) came to Glasgow for a weekend full of sports, shenanigans (calling you out Dundee – you’re basically the new Edinburgh), shots and most importantly socialising. The Friday afternoon saw over one thousand medics descend upon the city from Aberdeen and Queens (decent), Edinburgh (surprisingly alright this year), Dundee and the newbies to SNIMS – St. Andrews (too early to tell).

The weekend began on the Friday night with the infamous words ‘down it fresherrr’ as the teams boarded buses and made their way to Glasgow. They were met off the bus by an enthusiastic mob of Glaswegian medics eager to pick up their guests and show them to their new home for the weekend. The night then progressed to The Garage where the nightclub was transformed into a sea of colour with each uni wearing their respected coloured t-shirts for a night of sobriety- as to ensure everyone was nice and fresh for the following day of rigorous shows of athleticism and courage in an attempt to claim the SNIMS shield.

The Saturday morning started with a nice home cooked bacon sandwich generously supplied by Medchir, followed by a day of goodnatured antics and recreational competition with sports such as frisbee and dodgeball attracting the most cutthroat and ambitious of athletes. The results show some of the incredible sporting ability on show at the various medical schools with Glasgow winning the rugby, basketball, badminton, ultimate frisbee and dodgeball (disputed). Aberdeen won the hockey, football and squash and Edinburgh the netball, meaning that Glasgow won SNIMS 2016! Following the various matches being played around Glasgow, the competitors shook hand, paid respect to fallen comrades (one dodgeballer was hospitalised with a head injury… no… seriously) and returned to being best of mates.

In the wake of the competition, the players returned to their hosts homes for an afternoon nap, late lunch or maybe just a cheeky shandy or two. The evening meal was served at sanctuary; and what a sanctuary it was with delicious burgers being served courtesy of BRGR (found next to viper – highly recommend the poutine).

Following the evening meal, it was time to get changed into costumes in turning the west end into the wild west end, roman the rooms of hive as long as you weren’t Lion to the bouncers as the theme of night at the museum took full swing. From knights in shining armour to harambe squads (just let it go) the GUU was packed with medics fully embracing the spirit of SNIMS – or several spirits of SNIMS as the case may be.

Sunday was a sorry state of affairs in which we said goodbye to all our new friends until next year when SNIMS returns in Aberdeen. Finally, from all us here at Surgo we would like to extend our gratitude to Aimee and Shereif over at medchir for organising a brilliant event.