Welcome to the winter season and all the mulled wine, exams and frozen extremities that come with it. The Surgo team has been working tirelessly to bring you a feast for the mind! Michaela Jewson and Alistair Carr enlighten us about medicine on the isles, while Mystic Mug foresees our futures. Our very own VJ gives us the DL on memes and fore those of you not fortunate enough to attend (or not able to remember quite all of it), our Lorcan catches us up on all things SNIMS. Jo Tecklenborg looks to new advancements and keeps us up to date in the world of extracorporeal medicine, with a review of the European Students Conference that was held in Berlin. Surgo’s Eponymous Series starts off with a look at Robert Graves, and we hear about two more very different medical professionals who have had quite profound epiphanies in their respective fields of research… I’ll leave you to read about it for yourselves.

Enjoy the edition. Stay creative, stay warm.

Love and kisses,

Jenna Woods, Editor in Chief

Arran Elective

Interested in Arran Placement? Michaela Jewson explains it all


Delve into the meme-verse with Vijaya Bommireddipalli…

SNIMS 2016

Another year, another win!

by Lorcan McGrogan

Extracorporeal Medicine

Jo Tecklenborg discusses advances in organ support systems and their importance in fighting antibiotic resistance.


Islay: Whisky, wine and walks

by Alastair Carr

Head Transplant

James Hampson takes us through Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero’s raising eyebrows at this year’s Neuro conference.

Frederick Banting - The Insulin Man

Kirsty Jones provides an insight on the origin of one of the most vital drugs the doctor’s arsenal