Editor’s Welcome

Wow. This one’s a real page-turner! We have again provided you a feast of articles to get your teeth into. I know it’s late for you 2nd years but Trung and James have given you the low-down on SSCs to hopefully clear some things up (NB. Surgo is not responsible for any poor SSC choices). Following this, Dr Catriona Bamford (an actual, legit doctor) has imparted her wisdom on how to survive FY1. If you are a believer, then Michaela has interpreted the heavens for you with her horoscopes; but this has nothing on her scathing attack on Western societies’ handling of the Ebola crisis (well worth a read). Also, Dan has enlightened us with his hard-fought lessons on how to survive the MedChir queue. There are details on medic societies, a selection of pics from nights out and the poems from “Ode to Freshers Week” for your viewing pleasure! And to round it all off… Jamie tries to sell us an iPad app. Enjoy!

Losing our NHS

“The NHS will survive as long as there are people who fight for it,” or will it?


How to Solve a Problem Like Ebola

Michaela takes us through the issues with taking this latest Ebola outbreak

The Do's and Don'ts of FY1

We interview Dr Catriona Bamford about how best to survive the trials and tribulations of FY1

The Art of Queueing

MedChir’s beer queue might be the worst part of your Thursday evening, but fear not; Dan is here to help!

An Ode to Fresher's Week

Earlier in the year, we held a competition to write a poem which best summed up fresher’s week!

App of the Month

Need help with anatomy? Don’t worry, technology can help!

Beer Olympics Photo Gallery

Photos of the epic Beer Olympics!