So this is it. The last issue of the year. I know it’s late and that most of you are off enjoying your summer, but one cannot rush something like Surgo; it needs time, dedication and rigorous peer-reviewing to produce something of such high quality. So now for what is in store for you: PhD student Louis Nerurkar indulges us with the consequences of health inequality; guest writer Simon Roeder and Arts Editor Jenna discuss the future of veganism and contributor Jamie gives us the debrief of the riotous BMA medical student conference 2015.   Following this, Beth Thomas updates us with the fight against Big Pharma and their unfair pricing of essential treatments and James Tadjkarimi and myself examine the usefulness of humanitarian aid. If you still want more: Ella ‘Gooner’ Bennett interviews Mike McCormick, our very own med school celeb, about his journey to sugar-laden stardom before taking a more downward trajectory where Daniel Taylor Sweet examines our faecal matter and its relationship to fad diets in the second instalment of Surgo’s clinical trial (SHITS) but don’t let that stop you…we finish our issue with Letters to the Editor and GUGPS second ethics case. What more could you ask for?

On a different note, I am stepping down as Surgo editor and enjoying my retirement as the next Med-Chir sponsorship rep. I wish the best of luck to the next editor David Boyle and the rest of the Surgo committee. Surgo will forever be in my heart. Je suis Surgo.


Tom Baddeley

What Even Is Surgo?

The answers to the eternal question, what even is Surgo?



Medical News

Jamie fills us in with what’s happening in the medical world…

Inequality and Health

Description about health

Playing the Supervisor Game

Trung tells us how to find the right supervisor for you…

The Lectured Become the Lecturers

Featuring a excerpt from a 1977 edition of Surgo, we ask the question:

Do you think attendance should be taken at lectures?


Madness at Arkham Asylum

Dr Colm Hennessy takes us through how the world of Batman has obscured psychiatry…

Surgo's Highly Interesting Toilet Study

Daniel Taylor-Sweet proposes Surgo’s second clinical trial

GUGPS Ethics Case

Glasgow University GP Society provide the first ethics case of the series.  What would you do?

We Ball'sed It Up

Three bells, three barfs, one burn. Here is this year’s half-way ball experience in a nutshell…