It is with great fear, trepidation and regret that my tiny fingers fall gracefully upon these keys to deliver you with my final editorial. A year in which we have attempted to reach wider and fly higher is coming to an end. In redefining quarterly as “3 times a year”, we have perhaps misinterpreted our responsibilities and moved the goalposts but there is no doubt that this final issue is one that I personally am very proud to have come from my womb.  Aesthetically (Rory Quinn- style personified)  and content-wise it is without doubt the best Surgo I have seen in my time at University and one that I know you should be frothing to dig in to. From a curious look at the dangers of running from David Munn through to Louis Nerurkar’s dystopian future of our beloved NHS with scatterings of academic research from Dr Tom Baddeley and Liam Sutcliffe we are drenching your palette this time round. Future Editor Jenna gives us a glimpse of future Surgos by analysing Spanish cheeses. MedChir sign off with a review of the Revue and a spine-tingling exposé of the Bridie Dinner. Finally we’re keeping it topical by addressing the threat of Zika with Jamie Henderson, rounding up the year in news with some bloke called Dave and looking to the stars with tantalisingly teasingly titled “Vector” for horoscopes to live, work, study, fly and die by.

With that it is farewell from me. I hope that Surgo will continue to thrive but also push further and further until it is fit to burst across campus and beyond. It is a magazine of huge potential with a youthful hard-working and conqueringly creative crew at its helm ready to lead it to success. I’ve risen from lowly Arts Editor to Editor-in-Chief with nothing in between and it has been nothing short of a pleasure, a joy and in one word it’s been simply choice. All that is left to say is that I hope you all have a magical and reinvigorating summer that will prepare you to come back and do it all again – in style. Live rambunctiously, stride confidently and prosper immeasurably. Surgo.

David Thomas Boyle

Don't Run Forrest, Walk!

The Man, The Mountain… David Munn takes us through the dangers of running.


Our resident ethereal, mystical and astronomy obsessed Vector takes us on a white-knuckle ride through the Milky Way and beyond…

HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

4th Year Liam Sutcliffe reveals the world of Intercalated Degree research from his BSc ClinMed Global Health work last year and unveils the shortcomings of NHS England…

Efficiency Savings

PhD student, estranged MedChir member and Surgo’s resident moral yardstick Louis Nerurkar takes our hand into the dystopian future of our NHS…

Medical News

Take my hand and let me walk you through my year of news. The stories that mattered but we didn’t touch or the stories that really don’t matter but we’d love you to touch. Buckle in at the back, I’m about to switch on the afterburners.

David Boyle, Surgo Editor 2015-16

Physician, Heal Thyself

Surgo Editor 2014-15 Tom Baddeley with a fantastic insight into the world of medical education and mental health…

Revue Review

Jeremy Hunt and a 7-inch rubber dildo; both have been known to shaft a fair few people recently but it was a hardened, more charismatic member which stole the show at this year’s Medchir Revue.

Zika Virus : Were are ü now?

Jamie Henderson takes us through Zika, or Justin Bieber.

The Bridie Dinner Exposé

Medico-Chirurgical President 2016/17 Charles Gallagher lifts the lid on the mysterious Bridie Dinner at GUU’s infamous Daft Friday

Quesos de España

By your local queso expertas, Jenna Woods and Audrey “Guns” Ayres