We Ball'sed It Up

Three bells, three barfs, one burn. Here is this year’s half-way ball experience in a nutshell...

After months of planning and anticipation, the halfway ball took place from 11th to 13th of February in MacDonald Hotel, Peebles. All of us were sick of spending our nights in the Study Landscape eating from the reduced section in M&S, and listening to those students claiming they ‘knew literally nothing’ yet somehow always seem to get on the honours list. With everyone looking forward to it for so long could it possibly live up to the expectations? One hundred and eighty medics drunk for two days…of course it did. Inexplicably the Macdonald Cardrona Hotel, just outside of Peebles, agreed to let us have exclusive use of their hotel for our Ball.

With most of us having far too many at the Beer Bar after Tuesday’s MEQ, and with THREE students ringing the bell (cheers Michael, Cameron and Iain), it was somewhat remarkable that we all made it for the buses the next day. We got off to a shaky start – Sam, Caitlin and Ross decided to paint the buses with a cheeky bit of vomit on the way to the hotel. However, we soon settled in to our fancy digs and had a lovely time listening to singer/songwriter Tony McHugh whilst enjoying a hard earned pint.

A game of Ring of Fire was started almost as soon as we arrived to the hotel and within the hour people were well on their way. Joe Mullaly was drunk by 3pm and with each passing sentence became more and more Welsh until eventually he was just making incoherent ‘baaaing’ noises like his girlfriend.

Sauron managed to keep his cool on the night , ditching his orcs for more attractive acquaintances

Freedom: Jessie made a raunchy appearance whilst donning all of her natural bodily hair

The first night was themed ‘Superheroes and Supervillains’. Some people really made an effort with their costumes – Anna Leersen dressed as Sauron,  but most of the other girls dressed as Poison Ivy. Other people dressed up as someone who can’t hold their drink and really true to character, passed out at the dinner table. The night came to an end with a DJ serenading us with classics such as ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams, the anthem of our year.

Sometime during these festivities Iain MacLeod and Lewis Walker decided they should race down the corridor to see who was the fastest, but we all know both men can only last 15 seconds anyway. Iain was first to cross the finish line, but face-planted the ground in triumph and gave himself carpet burn down the left side of his face as a reward. Maybe it is good that he nearly lost his left eye as Sam got locked out of his room in his birthday suit and the night porter had to be fetched to save him from this compromising situation.

There was a bit of an altercation on the upper floors when Dominic Waugh was left with a bit of periorbital swelling too – we are not sure what the relationship between ocular injuries and the hotel is but we’ll keep an eye out for more information. The second afternoon was a lot more chilled out – some people went to the pool, others took 6 hours to play 18 holes of golf, and we had rented out sumo suits for those who were a bit more daring. Some keen beans, who obviously didn’t drink enough the night before, even went to the gym! Here there was more grunting than a pig orgy as Dominic Waugh was lifting in front of the mirror to improve his ‘pectoral muscles’, which allegedly can spurt whipped cream on demand.

Iain McCleod (second from left) soldiering on with friends whilst sporting his yellow family tartan, bow tie and left-sided facial carpet burn

During the evening we had a drinks reception and a lovely three course meal. This was followed by a ceilidh in which Jordan Newport looked like Ricky Martin on coke. At one point he nearly dislocated Anna’s arms from her sockets. There was a beautiful rendition at the end of Auld Lang Syne, Loch Lomond, and of course Angels (again). Following that we danced the night away to hits from Britney Spears to Kanye West. It was great to see David swaying around to the beat and sweating profusely. At around 4am most people’s legs had given up on them and we retired for the evening.

Friday morning was a day of great regret and we all left feeling sad and hungover, or in my case still drunk; making those who made the bus look like extras from The Walking Dead. Unfortunately some poor souls didn’t make the bus on time (Catherine, Maria and Abi) and we are told they are still trying to hitchhike home.

So that was the Ball in a nutshell. It seems like there wasn’t a great deal of scandal but unfortunately our lawyers have advised against including those stories. Beta -2017 Year Club would like to thank everyone who came and also those who supported our events during the year. We had a ball!

by Year Club Beta 2017