It has been a busy semester for the Surgo committee. 1st and 2nd years have almost completed their studies and are now preparing for the upcoming  exams .  3rd and 4th years made it through their notorious clinical exams and are now starting their placement and specialities blocks. Finally the 5th years are starting p4p and becoming actual, legit doctors…there really is no rest for a medical student! (Apart from Intercal).

Surgo is celebrating its  80th (Oak) anniversary this year and is ready to lighten-up your coffee break.   Due to popular demand, we start with the history and the formation of Surgo to ask the ageless question of “what even is Surgo”.  Following this, Jamie gives us a summary of recent medical news and former Surgo editor and psychiatrist Dr Colm Hennessey  gives us a portrayal of psychiatry in the media based on the Batman universe.  Since half the medical school is on placement at the moment, Trung has enlightened us in how to play the supervisor game and Tom Ainge (ft. beta-17 year club) helps us get the most out of clinical placements.  Michaela confirms her distaste for the Tories in a shocking reveal of the creeping privatisation in the NHS (a must-read).  Dan sticks to his strengths and gives us the abstract of Surgo’s next clinical trial: SHITS (Surgo’s highly interesting toilet trial).  But wait, there’s more!  An ethical case from the Glasgow University General Practice Society, Jenna’s inquiry into if attendance should be monitored in lectures, an abstract from Craig Johnstone, a review of the 3rd year ball and finally a summary of recent Med-Chir events.  Enjoy!

Tom Baddeley, Editor of Surgo

What Even Is Surgo?

The answers to the eternal question, what even is Surgo?



Medical News

Jamie fills us in with what’s happening in the medical world…

Losing Our NHS

Michaela gives us another rage article about the Tory privatisation of the NHS…

Playing the Supervisor Game

Trung tells us how to find the right supervisor for you…

The Lectured Become the Lecturers

Featuring a excerpt from a 1977 edition of Surgo, we ask the question:

Do you think attendance should be taken at lectures?


Madness at Arkham Asylum

Dr Colm Hennessy takes us through how the world of Batman has obscured psychiatry…

Surgo's Highly Interesting Toilet Study

Daniel Taylor-Sweet proposes Surgo’s second clinical trial

GUGPS Ethics Case

Glasgow University GP Society provide the first ethics case of the series.  What would you do?

We Ball'sed It Up

Three bells, three barfs, one burn. Here is this year’s half-way ball experience in a nutshell…