Editor’s Welcome

Like a birthday card from your great aunt that arrives 4 days late but filled with a tasty big cheque, we hope to evoke a similar bittersweet feeling with the arrival of our 2nd issue this academic year.  Going against the work of our predecessors and noble leaders (see work of E. Bennett) we are lacking in a theme but instead are looking to appeal to the masses through a series of concepts and thought processes. Our abstract and vivid front cover will send shockwaves throughout the Greater Glasgow area and is in reference to our special centre-fold special. Instead of the common lad-mag-centrefold-baps, we’ve gone instead down the line of maps with a cycling map of Glasgow and beyond to help you all get to hospitals courtesy of our Production prodigy Rory “Deep Sea” Quinn. We want this to take pride and place on your wall, in your pocket or stuck to the fridge. In addition we have set up a Strava account for keen cyclists to compete against each other in preparation for the inaugural Tour de QEUH next year. In other features we have Michaela Jewson waxing lyrical on the junior contracts debate and roasting Honourable Gentleman Jeremy H**t, Ailidh Lang takes us on a global health voyage with an inside eye on the World Health Assembly and Holly Coltart unveils the world of tick bites and celebrity Lyme disease. David Munn talks us through the process of love and may inadvertently lead to a spike in birth rates in the Hillhead area. Finally we have a fascinating review of the history of LSD from Saskia Loysen and its potential future use in psychiatric medicine. And if all that wasn’t enough we have the winning entries of our MedChir Ball competition amongst other hidden delights. With Christmas approaching and exams looming for many, we hope you can use Surgo as an escape from the daily stresses whilst learning more about things you’d otherwise maybe not even think of…? Yeah, that sounds choice. We’ll be back with more issues in the New Year but keep an eye on Facebook and an ear to the ground for future developments. Be thoughtful, be controversial, be provocative.


What's the story with Lyme disease?

by guest contributor Holly Coltart

What is Love?

by David Munn

MedChir Ball Competition

Winning entries for the MedChir ball tickets!

Jeremy Hunt

by Michaela Jewson