Hospitals, roads, education, development, trade, governments and most importantly people are affected by conflict. Conflict is central to the human experience and it impacts on all aspects of an individual’s life: from their development as a child, to their ability to get an education, to their access to free healthcare and jobs. We are Medsin Glasgow and we are offering you the opportunity to come along to a series of four workshops on the impact of conflict on human experience. During which you’ll have the opportunity explore the wide ranging impacts of conflict upon health, and healthcare, with representatives from a wide variety of disciplines including engineering, medicine and politics. The workshops will tackle conflict from three angles: mental health, infrastructure, and political agenda. There will be expert’s skyping in from the field and first-hand accounts of how conflict really affects someone’s health and wellbeing. Despite the name, Medsin is not just for medics! We are a student network which tackles health inequalities through education, campaigning and community action. To find out more about this fantastic opportunity and to be kept up-to-date about speakers, follow us on Twitter @medsinglasgow, add us on Facebook, or drop us an email at

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