So you have arrived at uni all kitted out with your new iPad, which you thought was just for play, how wrong you were. There are hundreds of apps aimed at medical students trying to entice you to spend your loan on them, instead of nights at Viper, well you don’t have to choose there are many fantastic free apps. Plus I’m a cheapskate so I wasn’t going to spend money to write this article.


Essential Skeleton 4.


This simple to use app is free on the app store and can be expanded to include all the anatomy you could desire, although this is expensive and we aren’t all made of money. Essential Skeleton is in fact the “Number 1 free medical iPad app in 95 countries” so where better to start our look into the depths of the human body. The whole skeleton is included within the free app although initially in the traditional white it can be turned green, so great for all you Celtic fans out there. Apart from this novel feature the app is very easy to use, you can rotate the skeleton 360o with one finger and zoom and move with two. This allows you to isolate each bone allowing you to manipulate it any way you wish; giving you the option to position them in the different planes.

Once isolated a blurb about each bone is available and you can make notes and even draw on the bones, in green of course. Your skeleton can now become your own source of entertainment for hours; hats have proven my favourite, my flatmate attempted a clown, it was unsuccessful.

If you’re a first year definitely download this app Quentin will be impressed when you are reeling off bone facts on day 1 of anatomy, but as always don’t show off too much you do want to make friends. For you 5th years thinking this could provide entertainment during the long winter months of finals revision.



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